chocolate croissants

hi i'm yami, 16, and i'm addicted to breakfast foods :/ i'm the one on the right

can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars

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fun fact one time robert pattinson was supposed to get punk’d at the bar where my cousin works and they got all the employees in on it and everything but when it came time to punk him his friends couldn’t get him to leave his house and that’s when I knew I loved robert pattinson

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My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”

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You’re in love with her, and she’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at her and see the stars, and she looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.

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life is tough but we all coexist in the same universe as phil lester so it can’t be that bad afterall

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I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships.

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